We have recently had a number of enquiries from home sellers and buyers as regards to removal of spray foam insulation in lofts in situations where a house is up for sale.
Spray foam insulation expands within the space before hardening and was one of the measures on the Green Homes Grant Scheme which closed in 2022. Incorrectly installed spray foam insulation has been reported to cause issues in the home such as:

• Reducing ventilation within the roof space
• Causing condensation
• Subsequent rotting of roof timbers
• Making roof repairs difficult due to access

It can be difficult and very costly to remove, sometimes leading to the removal of the roof and some house sellers are now finding the value of their property reduced by surveyors as a result of having spray foam insulation or worse, seen as un-mortgageable in the eyes of lenders.

For those unsure, this article by the Homeowners Alliance outlines some of the issues with Spray Foam Insulation, steps you can take if you are affected and how to avoid cowboy companies and bogus callers: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-improving/spray-foam-roof-insulation/

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